Doggone it!

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff"

I use to have a cat so I completely agree with this quote but after trying to figure out how to get 4 little dogs to Italy I need the staff!

As you know I have been looking into the legality's of relocating my dogs to Italy.

I have 3 boys and a girl and only the girl is desexed. Apparently the boys must be done as well. This is good for them as they can fool around with the Italian dogs with no consequences. Cost to me? $150 each for the operation.

They need rabies injections and 2 other necessary injections. Cost to me $110 each dog.

They need to be micro chipped but my vet is a bit confused about this, as if they are micro chipped in Australia and get lost in Italy how will this help get them home? I'll get back to you on this rule but cost to me? $200 each chip.

Airline dog travel crate. I was going to buy soft sided crates because I thought they would be more comfortable for the dogs but on a 20 hour flight hard sided crates are safer apparently. Cost to me $150 each plus accessory's for the crate $15 each.

Plus the airfare for each dog that I haven't even inquired about yet!

Maybe I could smuggle them in my luggage to cut down on costs.

I know they have super hearing as they start barking like mad before I even drive into the driveway. Maybe they have other super powers and they could fly themselves to Italy!

Then with the money I save I could have a beautiful Ballroom in the villa like this one.

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