Rudolf the runaway reindeer......

I've finally taken down the Christmas tree with Rocky sitting on the couch over seeing the project.

This year I packed the decorations away properly with the tinsel, bead trim, lights and decorations all individually bagged. 

When the boxes are unpacked next December I won't have to spend four hours untangling everything!!!

I even placed glitter stars on the top of the box so I know what's inside.

Next Christmas will be our first Christmas in Italy and also our first white Christmas.

Christmas day in Australia is HOT! Usually between 34 and 40 degrees.

A freezing cold Christmas day with snow on the ground is hard to imagine.

Every year without fail, a few days after I've packed everything away, I'll find a runaway Christmas decoration. 
This year I was so careful and thorough. 
I searched under the couches and side tables, behind the couch cushions and even searched the dogs beds in case they had hidden a "new toy".
Satisfied that no Christmas decoration was being naughty and everyone was being nice, I sealed the storage box.
And then.........while I was sweeping the floor this morning....the broom nudged something under the ottoman.

I bent down to look underneath thinking "what is that?"

It was Rudolf, lost and alone and covered in dust.

After a quick clean up I unsealed the box and reunited him with Donner before Dancer could make a move on his girl.

Ok, so NOW Christmas is packed away, ready for next year.......... hang on, what's that Tommy's hiding.

 Oh holy hell, it's another bloody Christmas ball decoration.

Do the fandango.......

I have this thing for flamingos. 
It started when I was about 12 years old.
I was looking through a National Geographic magazine and there was a magnificent two page photo feature of a flock of flamingos. 
My 12 year old brain had never seen such a display of exotic colour. 
To this day I think they are beautiful.

I imagine that they are all slightly crazy, outrageously flamboyant, calling everyone Daarrllling as they dance the fandango while sipping cocktails.

I always wanted the retro kitsch hot pink plastic ones that live on your front lawn but was discouraged years ago by a former partner, so I've never got around to getting them. 
And of course now that I want them, I can't find them anywhere!!

Beauty knows about my obsession and surprised me with a secret Christmas present.
 It is a mini neon flamingo that lights up hot pink at night.

Its going to sit on my bedside table. I'm looking at it right now and I'm already smiling......

I'm definitely keeping this and it will be packed in the Italy box when it's time to go.

Now if only I could find two full size lawn flamingos.
 I'd be a very happy woman.

I wonder what the Italians will think when I place them under the olive trees!

What's on the coffee table?....

My coffee table sits in the middle of our living room. 
It's surrounded by three couches placed in a U formation with the TV filling the fourth side.
It's like the central hub of the house.
By the end of each night the coffee table is overflowing.
It's like a roadmap of what's happened during the day. Coffee cups, lap top, magazines, note books, pens, nail polish, ipod, candles, dvds, receipts, chocolates, bangles, hair pins, etc.
Every night it's a mess but tomorrow morning it will look like this again.
Nice and neat!!

My collection of ceramic, glass and wood balls.

My tiny zombie lives in the bowl.
The brown pottery bowl was damaged in the move.
It's now held together with Tarzan glue!
The tops can be padded seats or trays.
Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather tissue box.
Gold beaded coasters found at a thrift store.
The right side has the padded seat turned up.

Storage under table top.

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no....

Last night I asked my son if he could help me make a banner heading for my revamped blog and he said no worries.

He use to be a web designer so I knew that he could do something great in no time at all.
Instead he looked at what I had done so far and as nicely as possible said "Mum, we can do better than this.You have over 30,000 views so it's time to get serious!"

So it looks like a whole new blog design is in the works.

So I finally have a million things to tell you all about and I am on hold for a few more days.

He has given me homework!
Find images for this, choose colors, fonts and designs. etc etc

So I've go to go because he can't start until I finish my homework!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited-The Pointer Sisters

Under construction!!!!

Hi everyone.
As you can see my blog is undergoing some changes that hopefully will be completed by tonight.
I cant wait to post my first story on the new layout!

See you then.

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