Do the fandango.......

I have this thing for flamingos. 
It started when I was about 12 years old.
I was looking through a National Geographic magazine and there was a magnificent two page photo feature of a flock of flamingos. 
My 12 year old brain had never seen such a display of exotic colour. 
To this day I think they are beautiful.

I imagine that they are all slightly crazy, outrageously flamboyant, calling everyone Daarrllling as they dance the fandango while sipping cocktails.

I always wanted the retro kitsch hot pink plastic ones that live on your front lawn but was discouraged years ago by a former partner, so I've never got around to getting them. 
And of course now that I want them, I can't find them anywhere!!

Beauty knows about my obsession and surprised me with a secret Christmas present.
 It is a mini neon flamingo that lights up hot pink at night.

Its going to sit on my bedside table. I'm looking at it right now and I'm already smiling......

I'm definitely keeping this and it will be packed in the Italy box when it's time to go.

Now if only I could find two full size lawn flamingos.
 I'd be a very happy woman.

I wonder what the Italians will think when I place them under the olive trees!

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