What's on the coffee table?....

My coffee table sits in the middle of our living room. 
It's surrounded by three couches placed in a U formation with the TV filling the fourth side.
It's like the central hub of the house.
By the end of each night the coffee table is overflowing.
It's like a roadmap of what's happened during the day. Coffee cups, lap top, magazines, note books, pens, nail polish, ipod, candles, dvds, receipts, chocolates, bangles, hair pins, etc.
Every night it's a mess but tomorrow morning it will look like this again.
Nice and neat!!

My collection of ceramic, glass and wood balls.

My tiny zombie lives in the bowl.
The brown pottery bowl was damaged in the move.
It's now held together with Tarzan glue!
The tops can be padded seats or trays.
Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather tissue box.
Gold beaded coasters found at a thrift store.
The right side has the padded seat turned up.

Storage under table top.

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