Oh no, Oh no, Oh no....

Last night I asked my son if he could help me make a banner heading for my revamped blog and he said no worries.

He use to be a web designer so I knew that he could do something great in no time at all.
Instead he looked at what I had done so far and as nicely as possible said "Mum, we can do better than this.You have over 30,000 views so it's time to get serious!"

So it looks like a whole new blog design is in the works.

So I finally have a million things to tell you all about and I am on hold for a few more days.

He has given me homework!
Find images for this, choose colors, fonts and designs. etc etc

So I've go to go because he can't start until I finish my homework!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited-The Pointer Sisters

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