Rudolf the runaway reindeer......

I've finally taken down the Christmas tree with Rocky sitting on the couch over seeing the project.

This year I packed the decorations away properly with the tinsel, bead trim, lights and decorations all individually bagged. 

When the boxes are unpacked next December I won't have to spend four hours untangling everything!!!

I even placed glitter stars on the top of the box so I know what's inside.

Next Christmas will be our first Christmas in Italy and also our first white Christmas.

Christmas day in Australia is HOT! Usually between 34 and 40 degrees.

A freezing cold Christmas day with snow on the ground is hard to imagine.

Every year without fail, a few days after I've packed everything away, I'll find a runaway Christmas decoration. 
This year I was so careful and thorough. 
I searched under the couches and side tables, behind the couch cushions and even searched the dogs beds in case they had hidden a "new toy".
Satisfied that no Christmas decoration was being naughty and everyone was being nice, I sealed the storage box.
And then.........while I was sweeping the floor this morning....the broom nudged something under the ottoman.

I bent down to look underneath thinking "what is that?"

It was Rudolf, lost and alone and covered in dust.

After a quick clean up I unsealed the box and reunited him with Donner before Dancer could make a move on his girl.

Ok, so NOW Christmas is packed away, ready for next year.......... hang on, what's that Tommy's hiding.

 Oh holy hell, it's another bloody Christmas ball decoration.

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