Stone garden angels-Don't Blink!

I have had this little stone angel wall plaque for years.

It is a hand made "one of a kind" in a soft mint green with an olive weathered patina in the background.

I always dreamed of having life size stone angels in the garden.

Not for religious purposes but because they are beautiful, weathered, forgotten and they always seem to be waiting......

That dream came to a crashing halt the night I watched the Dr Who episode Blink.

After seeing these beautiful stone angels come to life and get closer to you every time you blinked...NO THANKS. UH UH, NO ANGELS IN THE GARDEN ANYMORE.

After that TV episode Beauty turned to me and said, "no angels in the garden mum. If I drive home at night and I see one in the car head lights it will freak me out".

I did a long suffering sigh and said "ok, just for you I will give up on the stone garden angel idea".

Little did she know that I am more freaked out than her and I have not blinked the whole time I have been writing this.

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