Couture kitchen pantry labels

In my mind my kitchen pantry/larder in Italy is large and very, very organised (not like my currently very squashed tiny pantry)

There are rows of glass bottles filled with everything from oatmeal to crushed nuts.

All are neatly labelled in black text on white sticker labels that have red borders.

Each recycled jar has red ribbon braid trim and a vintage jewel or charm dangling from the lid or tied around the jar.

OK so I know that I sound like an over the top control freak!!!

But this is an ancestral home, my ancestral home.

I want my daughter, son and grand children and great grand children to grab the glass bottle with the jam or milo in it and know the story of how I spent 3 days of my life making the interior of the pantry look pretty.

Also, as I am having glass doors on the front they will all be displayed and as the kitchen will have red electrical accessories the jars in the pantry will look great.

When I told Beauty what I wanted to do she look at me, pursed her lips, shook her head, gave a big sigh and said "OK what do you want me to do to help?"

I love my daughter.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

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