In My Closet-The Collection

My daughter Beauty and I have decided to have a shared boudoir "dressing room" at our family villa.
But it will be more than a dressing room. It will hold a collection of 1000's of designer, vintage and favorite clothes and accessories.
As the Villa will be an ancestral home our idea is to build an archive of fashion, chosen around our personal style, that will be there for us, her daughters and grand daughters.

Beauty and I have been collecting for seven years now and we have acquired a huge amount of beautiful clothing, bags, shoes, jewels and accessories.

I will soon start to show them to you as we launder and pack them in tea chests for our move to Italy.

We have also amassed a beautiful collection of cosmetics that I will show you as well.

The In My Closet Collection will be a daily feature starting soon.

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