In my

So....I'm starting to do the big clear out.

What gets sold in Australia and what travels to Italy with me.
In other words...the sell pile versus the keep pile.

I open the closet door and decide to start with the shoes.

3 minutes go past and I am still standing here looking at them.

Maybe if I put them is style design piles I can eliminate the unnecessary ones... Ok maybe not.

What about color piles....Don't they look pretty! NO don't think about that. Focus! You are meant to be eliminating shoes not admiring them.

Beauty walks in, sees my shoes everywhere and asks what I'm doing. I tell her that I am "culling the shoe herd".

She gives me a look of absolute horror, puts her 2 fingers up in front of her in the shape of a cross and starts backing away to the door. She gets to the door and before she walks out she looks at me and says, "you are the devil".

Ok, so no help from her!

What if I think about practicality. Italy has cobblestones right, so stiletto heels would be bad but wedges would be good. Except that most of the stiletto shoe designs I have have been made in Italy by Italian designers so that does not really make sense.

So the wedges and the stilettos have to go to Italy.

That leaves the huge pile of flats. Well I will need these for the streets with the cobblestones so that I don't fall over and break my neck. In the Italy pile.

The next group is the boots. I will need these more than I did in Australia because the winters are a lot harsher and it snows. On to the Italy pile.

The group near the door is the thongs. The region we are moving to is only 20 minutes from the beach. Italian summers are hot! I will need all of these. On the Italy pile they go.

So here I am left with a big pie of shoes that looks strangely like that famous Italian landmark The Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

It's fate.

To be serious though. All these shoes will fit in 2 tea chests. That will be about $220 in transport fees on a slow boat to Italy.

So I could buy one new pair of $220 leather boots or use that money to send all of my shoes to their new home.

Problem solved. I'm going to buy 2 tea chests.

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