It's all in the eyes...

My eyes are green.
That sounds so ordinary.
What I should have said is that I can make my eyes change to different shades of green.
Some peoples eyes change shades when they wear different colored clothing and so do mine.
But how my eyes differ from other peoples is that all I have to do is concentrate and they will change from pale green to emerald green in about 15 seconds.

When I was twelve years old I noticed that whenever my aunt was angry or extremely happy her pale green eyes (that were identical to mine) would suddenly blaze with emerald fire.
I was transfixed.

I asked her how she did it and she just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. When I asked her mother (my grandmother) about it, she said that her eyes had started to do that when she was a small screaming toddler.

I was determined that my eyes would be just like hers and I started to practice.
My parents must have thought I was a lunatic as I would lock myself in the bathroom and would alternate between laughing hysterically and screaming like a mad person at the bathroom mirror for an hour every afternoon after school.

And nothing happened. My eyes stayed pale green.

After ten days of useless "practice" I was just so angry and felt so stupid that I ended up hunched over the bathroom sink crying. As I stood up I grabbed my hair brush and threw it at the bathroom mirror in frustration. I looked up in hopeless despair and stared in the mirror.
My eyes were blazing emerald fire.

All of a sudden I got it!
It had to be real emotion, not fake emotion.
That was what made my aunties eyes change.

The problem was I was twelve years old. I did not have the experience or opportunity to display real raw emotion so I had to think of another way.

I had heard somewhere that our brains had more power than what we were using so I thought I would try and harness my twelve year old brain power.

I went back to staring at the bathroom mirror.

The first day I stared at it for an hour and gave myself such a head ache that I was confined to bed and I missed school the next day.

Two days later I was back (secretly) staring at the mirror but again nothing happened.
Lying in bed that night I thought about the process and decided that I was still doing it wrong.
I was trying to make my eyes change when it was really the workings behind my eyes that would prompt the change, not the eyes themselves.

I decided to leave the bathroom mirror alone for a while and concentrate on my brain.
I had to learn how to make my brain tell my eyes to turn dark green.
That day at school I looked at a diagram of the inside of a human head and the workings of the eyes.
I come home from school and laid on my bed and closed my eyes.
I placed my hands on the sides of head at the temples and would slowly move them forward to the outer edges of my eyes and start all over again.
I thought that this would teach the inner workings of my brain to do what I wanted it to do.
(years later I realized that what I did was teach myself to meditate via a form of hypnotherapy)

Three days later I was again lying on my bed and 20 minutes into the training I felt something move in my head.
It was like a strong push to the back of my eyes.
It didn't hurt. It was just like a firm pressure.

I opened my eyes and tried again. Once again I could feel this firm force. I tried again and let it go a bit longer and it seemed to fill up my eyes with pressure but it didn't hurt.

I just tried to stay calm and took a slow breathe and I felt the pressure subside. I waited ten minutes and tried again and it happened again just as I wanted it to. It felt like a light in my eyes but from the inside out. I took a breathe and felt the pressure subside.

I knew that I was done for the day as I was so tired. I practiced for the next three days.
I could do it alot quicker and I could hold the pressure longer and I did not need to touch the side of my head anymore.

I thought that my eyes were blazing green but I did not want to feel the crushing disappointment if it was all in my imagination. I was scared to face the mirror.

On the fifth day I called my little brother into my room. He was eight years old and loved magic tricks. I told him that I was practicing a magic trick and he had to look at my eyes and tell me if they changed color.

I stared at him and willed my brain to push the thought into my eyes. He started jumping up and down saying "they are like stars, they are like stars".

I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and they were blazing green emeralds.

After that day I never failed at changing their color

For years my eyes worked to my advantage and disadvantage.

When I was 15 I discovered by accident that I could pull back the color instead of enhancing it. This makes them go a strange sheer green, almost lemon in color that Beauty says freak her out as they look like a snakes eyes.

It's now years later and I can still change the color of my eyes with a thought.

Sadly this is not something I could teach The Knight as he has chocolate brown eyes.
Beauty also has dark brown eyes but hers change with her emotions to a pale honey yellow brown like a lions.

If only she would practice.

So why have I told you this story?

It is because now there is one other way I can enhance the green in my eyes without having to mentally eye zap people all day.
It's simple really. It's called Exact Eyelights eye color enhancing mascara.

As my eyes are green the mascara is a deep aubergine and the color reflects and enhances the green pupils. It's very clever and it works!

They of course do not blaze emerald green but they do stay a rich forest green color all day.

I have worn it for six months now and yesterday I went and purchased 4 packets and an eyeliner to place in the "pack for Italy box".

I find I can't live without it.

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