Life is for the birds....

As I am originally a country girl, I grew up with sounds of birds chirping morning, noon and night. When I moved to Melbourne I used to think how quiet it was.
Yes there are birds in the city but nowhere near the symphony of sound that I was used to in my country life.

I remember that at one house we lived in The Knight made me a wooden bird house and Blue Wrens made their home in it.

I have no idea what birds are in the Abruzzo region of Italy but I can tell them that there will be bird houses for them when we arrive.

These two designs I am going to make myself.

Old fencing wire manipulated with needle nose pliers and a small hand made willow tree nest will make a great home for a small family of birds.

Old wood fence palings, water washed paint, round router holes and a few nails will make a two story home for a family of private birds.

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