Scent of a women.......

Lets face it.

Designer fragrance is a luxury item.

In Australia a small 100ml bottle of Beauty's every day Chanel Chance eau fraîche is $160.

The above photo of six fragrance bottles was taken this morning in our bathroom. The Chanel is Beauty's but I'm embarrassed to say that the other five perfumes are mine.

Some women wear one signature perfume their whole lives.
That's just not me.

I find a fragrance I like but then something happens.
I get used to it, someone breaks my heart, I find out that an arch enemy wears the same perfume, my child likes the taste of it, one day it suddenly smells like the bottom of a laundry basket full of wet towels etc etc.....

And so the next day I start the search for a new perfume.

So come with me down my perfume memory lane.
(It's not really a lane but more like a very, very long country road in France that travels through three Provence's!)

Violet Oil. My first fragrance was given to me by my great grandmother in a tiny glass bottle. I still love the fragrance of violets.

4711. My mother used to wear this and I would always splash some on when she wasn't looking.

Tabu. My first teenage fragrance. Everyone wore Tabu.

Maja. I loved this soap. I wore this instead of perfume for a while. I had never smelt anything so exotic and the packing was so elegant and foreign.


Yves Saint Laurent-Rive Gauche. My first fragrance as a women. It was my first job and I was filling in time on my lunch break by sampling the perfumes in the pharmacy. The assistant sprayed this on my wrist and I caught my breathe. My weekly wage was $79. The perfume was $74. My mother did not speak to me for quite a while after I bought it because of my irresponsible waste of money and lack of judgment. This was a powerful scent for a sixteen year old but damn, I would pull the top of the tin canister and the smell would hit me. I would spray it and I felt invincible. Through all the years, it is the only fragrance I have worn where complete strangers would stop me in the street and ask me what fragrance I was wearing. The father of my first child was one of them.

Yves Saint Laurent-Paris. A soft light fragrance that I wore for many years. A young mothers perfume.

Dolce & Gabbana-Sicily. This perfume had me in it's grip and I never wanted it to let me go. I was never more Italian than when I wore this fragrance. I was in heaven. Then it became unavailable in Australia and I will admit that I cried.

Viktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb. Beauty gave me this as it was the furthest thing from Sicily that she could find. She was trying to snap me out of it! It was beautiful and totally different than anything I had worn before. A very rich, full fragrance.

Chanel-No 5. I finally decided to try it and my children brought me a huge bottle for Christmas. I loved it but The Knight told me that it smelt like "old ladies perfume" on me. Moving on...

Marc Jacobs-Daisy. Fresh, clean, summer, light all day fragrance. I still wear it a few times a week.

Viktor & Rolf-Eau Mega. This was a hand me down from Beauty. She won it in a Madison Magazine competition but as she only wears one perfume I scored it. A night time fragrance.

Versace-Crystal Noir. Sultry fragrance. Rich manor house garden mix of tuberoses and cherries after a light rain on a still night. Serious sex night fragrance.

Gucci-Guilty. I have wanted this for a while and Beauty gave it to me in my last Christmas stocking. I love it. Strong, clingy, feminine, sultry. It will get more use in the colder months.

Issey Miyake-L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Pour Homme. Yes, this is a men's fragrance. I was doing tester smells trying to find a light fragrance for The Knight as a Christmas gift and it was just so refreshing that I purchased it for myself.

So after this long list could I live without the last five that I am currently using?
Oh Yes!

You see my heart will forever belong to another as I still dream about the lost days without my D&G Sicily.

And I will be honest and tell you that once a week I take the cap of my hidden YSL Rive Gauche blue tin canister and close my eyes and breathe it in. I have 5 seconds to get the cap back on before the memories come.

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