The corner bed.......

It's not very often that you see a bed placed in a room like this.
At first I thought it had been pushed into this corner position for the photo shoot but on closer inspection I can see that this is actually a very clever way to use the room.

The large fireplace would throw out an enormous amount of heat so obviously it's a large room and it must be freezing cold there in winter.
In most homes the bed would be across the room pushed up against the wall.
But why does it have to be?

Look at the bed in the photo.
It is placed in what you think is the corner of the room but it's not as there is a dressing screen behind the bed. This would also bounce the heat back onto the bed so that you have the warmth from the front fire and the back screen.

The closet bed leg is placed in the right position with the end angled away from the flames or spitting coals.
The gold paint effect on the bed and the matching gold silk and velvet cushion bedding is also very clever, as at night the reflections from the fire on these surfaces would be visually beautiful and trick your mind into thinking you had added warmth in these flame reflective colors.

Lets talk about the rest of the room.
The faded vintage large rug is placed just far enough under the bed so that you can step up and off the bed from the rug, keeping you feet warm on a freezing cold night and day.
The cast iron black fire dogs (that keeps the wood in place) has a large round brass ball at the top that wood also reflects heat and light into the room at night.
The large mirror placed in a resting position on the top of the mantle piece is also trimmed in a matt gold frame adding to the warmth effect of the room, as is the large candle sconce beside it.
The bed is surrounded with deep brown walnut wood in wall paneling, sideboard dresser and back dressing screen.
On top of the curved front dresser is a collecion of beautiful vintage busts.
Above them is an ornate cast iron wall sconce with a diffused light shade that would give beautiful soft light at night.
And to finish, the walls are painted a soft creamy lemon color.

I think about the person who lays in this bed at night.
With the smell of the wood on the open fire, the sound of the crackling flames, the light shadows dancing around the gold accents in the room, wrapped up in silk and velvet linen......

What beautiful dreams they must have.

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