Cold feet, warm heart.....

The weather in Melbourne has definetly turned a corner and announced that winter is on the way.

 So of course it's time for new flannel bed sheets, hot water bottles, soft warm pjs, marshmallow socks and a new pair of slippers.
 Beauty and I each purchased a pair of these slippers because we could fit our foot in them while still wearing our mashmallow socks. (very important point) 
Hers are pink and mine are grey.
Unfortunately I walked outside to the letterbox and forgot I had them on and they got wet. 
When they had dried the inner lining had shrunk and there is nothing worse that folded scrunched up fabric under your feet so in the bin they go.

Yesterday we went to Kmart to get a replacement pair and I purchased 5 pairs instead.
Because they were on sale for $1.00 each! What a bargain. 5 pairs for $5.00.

On the way out of the shopping complex I purchased my usual large chocolate coffee latte from the Spanish Churro store at a cost of $4.95.

Isn't it a crazy world when a cup of coffee is practically the same price as 5 pairs of slippers!

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