I'll get you my pretty..............

The first thing I do when I walk into the living room in the morning is open the outside door to let some fresh air in. No matter what the weather!
If it's summer the door usually stays open all day but in the winter time five minutes (maybe three) is enough fresh air even for me!  
I get this strange need for fresh air in the morning from my mother.
As we were growing up she would always have the windows open in the house even on a cold windy day.
I can still hear her saying to my father, "but Vince, fresh air is good for you".
My brothers and I would roll our eyes, put more clothes on to stay warm and think "what a crazy women".
Now years later I do the exact same thing.

As you know we have recently moved house and the front and back doors are very old heavy wooden ones. Unfortunately when the wind blows they have a tendency to slam shut with an enormous bang.

I am terrified that our dogs will be caught unawares and have these heavy doors slam their little bodies between the door edge and the frame, so I have invested in some door stoppers.
I wanted two unobtrusive looking stoppers and the first one is a chocolate leather sand filled stopper that works perfectly and blends with the living room.

The back door stopper is a different story.
It is a tall, heavy, metal hand crafted structure of the Eiffel Tower.

Neither of these will be coming to Italy with me but for now they do the job and I'm happy with them.
But if I had of purchased this door stopper instead?

Well this would definitely be packed in the Italy box as it is fantastic!

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