The very sad fruit tree......

When we moved into this current house the first thing I noticed was this very, very old gnarly fruit tree.
It has been neglected for years and has broken branches, stunted growth from lack of water and it has not been pruned for at least 20 years.
It was a sad case.
And then it lost it's leaves and it looked even sadder.....

Well after three months of water and a good prune it looks a lot healthier and it even has new shoots of green leaf growth.
All it needed was a bit of love and some fairy lights which I threaded through the branches today.
They are actually hanging butterfly's that I had purchased to take to Italy with me but the tree needed them now and I can always buy some more.

It still looks a bit weird but as soon as the leaves grow it will look very elegant with the butterfly's shining through the leaves at night.
I replaced the standard cheap batteries with rechargeable lithium so that I don't have to climb the tree every month to replace the batteries.
But now that I think about it this probably means that they will stay on at night for alot longer won't they?
Oh well, I hope that's the neighbours kitchen window on the other side of the fence and not their bedroom window because my fruit tree will not be stripped of it's butterfly's for anyone!

What kind of fruit tree is it I hear you ask?
I have no idea.
I'm sure it will let me know when it's ready.

(Just an update on the solar lights. They went on when it got dark at 6.05pm and they are so bright that cars have been pausing on the street to try and see what the lights are. It looks like I'll be meeting the neighbor tomorrow) 

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