C is for Cookie

When The Knight was a little boy one of his favorite toys was a large blue Cookie Monster.

He also use to sing his version of the Cookie Monster song :

"C is for Cookie,
that's good enough for me,
C is for cookie,
thats good enough for me,
Oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C"

over and over and over and then over again until I was almost driven nuts!
I would tell him to stop and sing another song and he'd say "Cookie?"
I'd say "no, no cookie" and he'd be off again singing "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me........."

He eventually moved onto an even worse song, B.I.N.G.O but that's another story.

Yesterday I was out shopping with Beauty we stopped at Gloria Jeans Coffee for a much needed substance break and what should I see but this tiny Cookie Monster cupcake. All of a sudden I went back in time to the memories of that song and his love for that soft toy. I did the only thing I could and brought it because even though The Knight is in his 20's now I knew that he would immediately understand.
I placed it on his desk right in the middle of his key board. When he got home last night and went into his room there was dead silence for 30 seconds and then I heard it, "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.."

(I hate that damn song)

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