Four years of Italian dreams in 45 scrapbooks

For four years I have been secretly keeping scrapbooks relating to every thing I needed to know, and wanted to do to renovate, live, work and play when I moved to Italy.

I have just completed number 45 in the scrapbook pile and I must admit they are my secret pleasure and also my inspiration. They helped me keep believing that this life change would happen.

If I had doubts, I would open the cover of one of my precious scrapbooks and I would suddenly be there in my Italian bedroom..................... Laying on a feather soft mattress, surrounded by vintage crisp cotton sheets that I found at a Brocante one weekend in France. The bed has a high studded padded headboard in soft greeny grey velvet with a faded patina finish on the wooden scrolled edge trim. The bedspread is a heavy silk cotton in a deep advacado green. The bed is so high that I need a small stool at the side of the bed to step down onto the terracotta tiled floor that is so worn and aged that it is now a soft pale pink. I stretch my arms over my head as I walk over to the tall silk draped curtains whose color matches the bedspread perfectly. As I grasp the heavy curtains to open them I again think how glad I am that I lined them with heavy backing to keep the cold snow air out in winter. I grasp the clear cut crystal door knob on the french doors that are painted in a semi gloss magnolia color. The doubled glazed glass panes keep not only the cold air out but the noise as well and as I step out onto my small two story bedroom balcony, I grasp the newly painted black cast iron railing and breathe in the beautilful Italian morning crisp air. As the breeze slowly lifts my hair, I turn around and glance over my shoulder and look directly into the eyes of me sitting on my bed in Australia with my scrap book in my hand. As I look back at myself standing on the balcony in Italy I say one word......... Soon.

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Bury Me In Velvet said...

I had a little teary at the end where you looked back at yourself holding the scrapbook. Damn scrapbook. Let's just go already, I've got 35 cents in my pocket. That's enough isn't it??


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