I love you, but I can live without you...Part one

Today I took a deep breathe and said, "no more pussy footing around it's time to get tough. Time to make a desicion on what moves to Italy with me and what gets adopted to a new family."

I decided to start on the bookcase contents and as I dusted and removed things from the shelves I made two piles.

This is the start of the SELL pile.

Large forest green glazed ceramic rippled pot for outdoor indoor use.

Vintage tall Art Nouveau bronze and gold plaster 3 candle candelabra

Vintage cigar box 1

Vintage cigar box 2

1950s gold plaster on wood embossed photo frame

Oriental Geisha girl money box

Vintage marble look paint finish tall turned wood candle holder

Brown Provincial Store embossed leather table lamp with brown shade

Vintage ephemera

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