The love affair is not over...Part one

These are some of the things in the bookcase that are moving to Italy with me.

While trying to place them in the sell pile I discovered a deep (unnatural and unhealthy) attachment to them and I cannot let them go home with a stranger!

1960s turquoise Oriental satin and braid keepsake/sewing box. This was hand made by my great grandmother. I still find myself rubbing my finger over the tiny hand stitches on the braid trim at the top. All hand made by granny with an unusual inner red base and lid.

My parents wedding photo. The frame is in the SELL pile but the photo needs something special to live in. Maybe I will look for the perfect frame at my first French brocante.

Porcelain 1920s style flapper lady hat pin cushion I called Evie. This was made by Aunt Cheree who is a very talented doll maker and teacher. I love her attention to detail and color. Her delicate face painting is exquisite.

Porcelain doll called Marni. I love this little doll with her uncontrollable curly hair and hand knitted over sized outfit made by my Grandmother Thelma. Doll made by my Aunt Cheree.
(Beauty thinks she looks like she just escaped from the Psych ward)

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent monogram cigarette case.
I use to use this quite a bit but not for cigarettes. It can hold my ipod in my hand bag or my drivers licence, credit card and some cash or my phone and a house key etc. perfect for the "I don't want to carry a bag" day. It is in need of some repair at the moment.

Hand blown multi colored Murano glass bird. This was a gift from my mum.

Large Silver mantle clock from the French Provincial store.

Vintage 1950s very heavy cut glass cigarette lighter. I use this to light my candles and it has always reminded me of old style Hollywood glamor.

Wedgwood vintage speckled glass owl and 3 tiny owls that were a gift from Beauty. 2 kitchen pie birds.

Art Nouveau bronze, gold and cream dish that sits on the hall table and holds my car keys, loose change etc.

Very old 1940s heavy silver cupid paper weight or book end. This was my grandmothers and a few years ago she gave it to Beauty as she was always fascinated with with it as a child.

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