So...of all the places in the world, why Italy?

Today I told my family and friends about my decision to leave Australia.

Amongst all the "are you crazy" "how will you live" "how can you afford it" "what about your family" questions, the most asked question was "so...of all the places in the world, why Italy?".

To tell you the truth I was nervous about their reactions so I was prepared with 100 intelligent, informative, well thought out answers to give them.
But in the end everyone got the same very simple answer. "I'm meant to be there".

Do they think I've finally lost the one brain cell I have left? Sure. Am I worried? No.
I could of told them that I wanted to go 5 years ago but I didn't because I was scared. Scared of the unknown, of myself, of the world, of everything. But I never wanted to admit to that, let alone say it out loud.

Well, I'm not scared anymore. I just woke up yesterday and said that's it. Get a grip, your going to be in Italy for Christmas.
I'm surprisingly confident and incredibly calm but stupidly giddy with excitement on the inside!!!!

All I have to do now is sell most of my things over the next three months so that I can afford to buy the house, a car and have enough money left over to spend the next year renovating my villa.

Piece of cake!

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