10 to-do lists and still going...

So, 4 hours ago I started making to-do lists AND I'M STILL GOING!!!!! I am trying to categorize them from most important to least important but everything seems important.

First thing to do is to organize my documents for my passport application.

Second thing to do is to find out the rules and regulations for taking my dogs with me. My 4 little dogs are already spaghetti eating little monsters so they will fit in with Italian life just fine.

That's 3 doggy phone calls for this morning. The vet to talk about vaccinations and micro chips, the Italian consulate to see what regulations there are on pets and the air lines to check on costs and rules for travel.

Montana-Male-Maltese, Poodle cross-9 years old

Tommy-Male-Maltese, Miniature Toy Poodle cross-8 years old

Cleo-Female-Maltese, Chihuahua Cross-6 years old (the Beautys dog)

Rocky-Male-Son of Montana & Cleo-4 years old (the Knights dog)

Well I'm off to make the calls. I'll keep you updated on what I find out.

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