To sell or not to sell, that is the question.....

So how do I decide what stays and what goes? I have been walking from room to room for half an hour and honestly I am daunted on how much I have accumulated. I admit that I'm a hoarder. Always have been and happily always will be.

I pause in the study to stand in front of my black and white damask print book case trying to decide what items will be moving to Italy and what can be sold. As I count everything on the shelves I'm as usual having a 2 sided conversation in my head. Wow.... 184 items. Wait, when did I get so many vintage colored glass liquor decanters and where did all these small china birds come from? The decanters are beautiful and the birds are soooo cute, they have to come with me.
NO. WAIT A MINUTE! Think of the Brocante markets in France, the flea markets and thrift stores in the UK. You can replace all of these items there. These beautiful vintage colored glass decanters and tiny English birds are probably everywhere over there.
...these are mine. I remember how excited I was to find that aubergine and silver etched glass liquor decanter and the Eiffel Tower one. I found that Wedgwood glass owl at a garage sale 15 years ago and Beauty gave me the tiny birds.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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