Chandeliers, kind of....

I love chandeliers. Always have, always will.

You don't often see them in the average Australian home.
Most homes here are simple in design and the only place you would see something as grand as this chandelier below is the the State Library.

I can't wait to fill my home with beautiful vintage and artisan chandeliers and light fittings.
I am always on the lookout for unusual wall scones and light fittings on ebay. I especially love the gilded gold ones that are all faded and old. I have purchased three now and these will be re-wired and installed in the villa.

I am all for artistic impression and will usually go out on a limb for something quirky and memorable but the following artists interpretations of the glorious crystal shimmering chandelier are just not my cup of tea.

A Viking ship

Kitchen Utensils

Dead Rats

Milk Crates

Gummy Bears


Beer Bottles

Coat Hangers

Bicycle Parts

Barbie Doll Hair

Banana Box Labels

And of course what home would be complete without the shimmering Penis Chandelier

Imagine being seated at a dinner party with this dangling over the dining table.

Well at least it would be stimulating conversation!!!!!

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