Time Passages......

I was thinking about the post I did yesterday, the one about the green Alfred Meakin china and it reminded me of the lyrics in the Al Stewart song from the late 70s called Time Passages.

Yes I know that this was written about a women but the principles are the same.
Over time things change.

What was once important has slid down the cherish line to become just a memory and sometimes I wonder why it was important in the first place.

I have been thinking about the green china all night. It took me years to collect all those pieces. I must have told alot of people as I remember a colleague rang me one day and said "Hey, I'm at an auction and there is a piece of your china here do you want me to buy it for you?" Another time a customer brought me in a tiny milk jug in my green china as she had seen it at a garage sale on the weekend and knew it was my pattern".

The problem is if I saw a piece of that once cherished china tomorrow I would walk pass it and never give it a second look. I look at the photo now and it just looks so........SAFE.

So yes, my taste in decorating color and styles has definitely changed.
No more soft and safe.

In my new home I want to be surrounded by color, texture and glamor with quirky collectible treasures and original art.

I haven't been miss country cottage for a long time.

It's the gypsy boheme life for me.


It was late in December, the sky turned to snow
All round the day was going down slow
Night like a river beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Drifting into time passages
Years go falling in the fading light
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

Well I'm not the kind to live in the past
The years run too short and the days too fast
The things you lean on are the things that don't last
Well it's just now and then my line gets cast into these
Time passages
There's something back here that you left behind
Oh time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn
Don't know why you should feel
That there's something to learn
It's just a game that you play

Well the picture is changing
Now you're part of a crowd
They're laughing at something
And the music's loud
A girl comes towards you
You once used to know
You reach out your hand
But you're all alone, in these
Time passages
I know you're in there, you're just out of sight
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

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