A memory made at the Melbourne Aquarium...

Beauty, The Knight and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium today. We had not been for a few years and I wanted to see the new penguin exhibit. They were so cute, cheeky and inquisitive.

We stayed for the species identification lecture and I actually learnt a few things. Such as Reef sharks eat once a week and their meal is just one fish as they do not have a large appetite.
Jaws must have been the exception?!

They had a large assortment of marine and fresh water species and if you are due to visit Melbourne soon then place it on your to-do list. The kids (and you) will love it!

Beauty and The Knight took heaps of movie footage so I will link it below when it is edited and uploaded.
I ended up purchasing a postcard for my scrap book, a huge blow up grey Nurse shark that will be packed to go in the pool in Italy and of course the kids reverted to the age of 4 and I had to buy Beauty a tiny pink soft toy penguin and The Knight a gold coin with a penguin on it.

The important thing is that they both stored another great memory of the three of us together.

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