The gated archway....

This gated archway design is just about perfect.

The stone curved arch way, the filigree cast iron gate, the stone wall low enough to sit on, the high trimmed hedge, the over grown stone path, the maze....WAIT. NO... NOT THE MAZE.

I hate mazes. I got lost in a maze once for 30 minutes. It was terrible.
Everything looked the same and I must have just keep repeating my path because I could not figure out which way to go and I was truly freaking out.

When I finally made it out (hyperventilating and having flashbacks of the movie "The Shining") my friend who is 6ft tall said to me "why didn't you just jump up and look over the top so you could see which way to go?".
I looked up at him and said because I'm only 5ft 3 and a half inches high you idiot!".

Anyway, this stone arch gateway is perfection. (but without the maze)

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