This pencil wall is definitely going in the children's out side play area at the Villa.

It is actually very clever as your brain thinks that the fence palings are curved like pencils when in actual fact they are just plain jarrah fence palings painted in the colors of the contents of a Derwent color pencil tin. The palings have been simply cut to an arrow top and the tips painted to match the pencil led.

You could make it in two days. One day to paint the individual palings and one day to erect the fence.
Imagine me going into the paint store in Italy and trying to explain that I want 50 different shades of paint in small sample pots! It does not matter how good my Italian language skills are by then, I think it will be less hassle if I just buy the 50 color pots in Australia and pack them in the "moving to Italy" storage container.

I need to borrow Beauty's Derwent pencils and go to the paint shop to try and match the colors and collect some paint chip cards .

It's on my list of things to do this weekend.

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