Lazing by the pool...

There is nothing better than slipping into the cool water of your backyard swimming pool at 2am in the morning because its still 28 degrees and you can't sleep because of the heat.

I know that the Italian summers are just as hot (if not hotter) than the Australian summers so a swimming pool would be an ideal investment.

After renovating the villa I am not sure how much money will be left in the kitty but just in case there's money left over, I will start a file on my favorite swimming pool designs to choose from should that day come.

Here are three designs of VERY different pools.

I know that pools are traditionally blue but this tranquil soft green is so very cool and inviting.

This hidden Moroccan oasis is so vibrant and private. It would be perfect as a small lounging pool in a walled courtyard, through the French doors of a ground floor bedroom.

This is pool side glamor at it's best. So elegant and luxurious. Every thing is just perfect.

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