Whats the word for Willow Tree in Italian?....

I've been thinking about the weird sentences I will probably need to know in Italian. You know the ones I mean. The out of the ordinary ones that are not in the average phrase book.

Something like...

"No that ladder is not long enough. The owl is stuck in the very top of the chimney"
"There's something wrong with the engine. It is making this whistling then clunking noise about every 3 minutes or so"

Then I started thinking about walking into supermarkets, post offices and pharmacy's.
What about the train station?

Scary thoughts, I tell you.

And what about the garden shop or garden nursery's as they are called in Australia. I have a hard enough time with everything written in English let alone Italian.
Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I'm that person who walks in and says "I saw this cottage plant in someones garden on my walk today and it had the cutest cobalt blue flower. Do you know what it is?" Sometime I'll be super helpful and hand the store assistant a leaf that just happen to fall off the plant as I was walking past.

Anyway to save myself hours of embarrassment in Italy I have decided to keep a record of the plants and trees I want in the garden in photo format. I can then print the image and carry it with me to the store and if I can't find it on my own I can produce the photo and Voila!

My first photo is the Willow Tree and the Weeping Willow Tree.

These are a garden must have item.

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