DVDs-Take them or leave them?......

Today I started taking photos of all my DVDs to sell on ebay.
I was about 30 photos into the big pile when I suddenly thought, "is this the right decision"?
After all I'm moving to a country where English speaking DVDs will not readily be available for purchase.
With a multi region DVD player I could keep them and watch them in Italy.
It would sure save on the expense of having to purchase them all over again.
The problem is that they would fill 3 tea chests and I could use that space to pack something more precious than DVDs.
Then Beauty came up with a brilliant plan. Take them out of the plastic cases!!!!!
All that is left is a flat DVD and a slip of paper (the cover insert)
All I will have to do when I unpack them in Italy is purchase a few bulk packs of DVD covers.
So it looks like all 355 DVDs will be coming to Italy with us.
At least when we are snowed in in winter we will have something to watch!!!

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