Liliums, wherefore art thou Liliums?....

It's the beginning of the week so that means fresh flowers for the house.

I went in to buy my weekly purchase of 2 bunches of long stemmed Liliams (for $8.00) only to find 30 buckets full of orange Liliums. 


What am I going to do with ORANGE!

Where are my buckets full of pink, mauve, green and white Liliums?

I usually have so much fun picking through these flowers. Sometimes it can take me 10 minutes to pick the right bunches. 
It technical you know? They have to be the right height, the correct shade and most of all they have to be the right mix of flowers and buds to last a week in a vase.

So there I was looking at the orange Liliums and shaking my head in the "no" motion, over and over again.

I moved on to the next row of buckets and they were full of Stocks in mauve, purple and white.
As my lounge room has aubergine accents I thought, ok, I can work with these. 

I debated over the bunches as I usually do and finally decided on 3 bunches (for $10)
As I walking up to the counter to pay I slowed my pace as something was nagging at me. I looked down at the flowers in my arms and there was a thought that was just out of reach. I paused but told myself I was being stupid and paid for the flowers. When I got back to the car I carefully placed them on the back seat and continued on to the fruit market to quickly pick up some potatoes.

When I returned to the car I opened the back door and BAM the smell hit me.
All at once I remembered why I never place Stocks in the house.
They smell.....Bad.
No lets be honest, they STINK!!!!!!

Beauty came back to the car and jumped in the passenger seat and said "Oh my God, whats that smell?"
I said "It's the flowers on the backseat".
She turned around to look at them and said "how can something that pretty, smell that bad?"
I told her that maybe it was because they still had their roots and after I washed them maybe they wouldn't be that smelly.
We opened all the windows and the drive home wasn't that bad.
I washed and trimmed the stems, arranged them in my new high top glass urn vase and placed them on the table in the entrance hall and went to make dinner.


I heard The Knight come home and he wandered into the kitchen. I asked him how his day was and he said it was fine and then he told me that he thought that one of the dogs must have had an accident because the lounge room smelt realllyyyyy bad!
I looked at him and said "no it's the fresh flowers". He opened his mouth to ask the obvious questions and I said "long story".
I walked into the lounge room and looked at the beautiful Stocks in the beautiful glass vase.

I just can't throw them in the bin. I just can't!

I opened the front door and placed them on the brick step, up against the side of the house.

They can live there for the next week. 
That way I can still admire them (minus the smell)

Liliums, Liliums wherefore art thou Liliums!

NOTE TO SELF: Remember not to buy Stocks.

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