Garden list 6-Poplar Trees.......

The home I grew up in had an avenue of poplar trees along the fence line. 
As a child you don't really appreciate or notice avenues of Poplar trees but what I do remember is how upset my mother was when they had to be cut down. In their relentless search for water, their root system attacked the under ground pipes that supplied water to the house and they had to go.

As an adult, rows of poplar trees fascinate me. 
Their tall willowy shapes swaying in the breeze and making perfect avenues and windbreaks.

The leaves of the Tulip Poplar and the Italian Lombardy Poplar are my favorites.

Still not convinced?
Just look at how beautiful and peaceful these images are.

*NOTE TO SELF-Remember that these trees grow really fast but they only have a life span of 15 years. Remember to plant a row of trees further back behind them that are slower growing but will live longer. Then you will already a replacement when the poplars die.

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