Garden list 7-Christmas Pine Trees....

No garden is complete without Spruce trees, especially in a country that has heavy snow fall at Christmas.

Both of the pines trees I have chosen grow very well in Italy. 
One has the classic Christmas tree shape and the other has wonderful pine cones that I will be able to use in wreaths and decorations at Christmas. 
The excess pine cones that I collect throughout the year will be dried and stored in wicker baskets for use on the open fire places in the villa. To freshen a room you just throw a pine cone in the fire and the room instantly smells of pine trees.

Norwegian Spruce

  • One of the most impressive Italian trees, Norwegian spruce grows across northern Italy, sometimes reaching 200 feet tall. It has a pyramidal form with rigid, short deep green needles and reddish-brown, hanging seed cones. It needs a cold climate, with winter temperatures regularly dropping below 0°F. Norwegian spruce likes a well-drained location and full sun.

Aleppo Pine

  • Growing throughout Italy, Aleppo pine may have been the original Christmas tree. The ancient Greeks used the tree in ceremonies honoring their god Attis, and early Christians may have adopted that tradition as part of their Christmas ritual. Aleppo pine grows throughout Italy. Mature trees can be 60 feet high by 40 wide with round crowns and fine 2- to 3- inch needles. Their stout trunks have open, irregular branches with cones. They tolerate winter temperatures. The trees require large, sunny spaces and two or three monthly waterings in addition to rainfall. Their needles may drop more heavily than usual during drought.

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