Luxe curtain tie back.....

I love this idea.
They have recycled a vintage crystal and brass door knob and used it as a curtain tie back.

Months ago Beauty and I were in our favorite jewelry store when I saw these beautiful but outlandish over sized rings. They were so big that the circular top covered across the top of my four fingers.
They were made from huge gold and silver circles with turquoise and red back grounds. They had intricate inserts that were covered with a facet cut, risen up clear lucite.

As soon as I saw them I turned to Beauty and said "they would make great curtain tie backs".
The problem was that they were $25 each and I couldn't justify the expense.

Yesterday we walked into the same jewelry store and there they were as usual, 2 turquoise and 2 red ones. But the difference was that they were on the sale rack for just $3.00 each.
Beauty grabbed them quickly and handed them to me and I did my little happy dance.

If the Italian villa doesn't have French doors then these will be used as window curtain tie backs. You could even mount them on the side of a window frame and use them to wrap a cord tie around or even thread it threw the ring hole.

I'm so happy. It was meant to be!

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