Cleo the contortionist...

It's another bitterly cold day in Melbourne. 
A perfect day for sleeping in, drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie while wrapped up in a velvet throw rug.
People complain endlessly about the cold weather (me included sometimes) but honestly, it relaxes me.
It makes you slow down, take time out from you usual schedule and do the bare minimal.

And of course if I relax then the dogs relax as well. 
They sleep the day away at most times anyway but in winter they get so lazy that I have to practically pick them up and put them outside to pee!

Cleo is the Queen of sleep. She can sleep in the wierdest places with her body contorted in the most uncomfortable looking positions.

When I call her name to wake her up for dinner she just stretches, opens her eyes and gives that wordless look that says "I'm not getting up, bring it to me".

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