Garden list 8-Olive Trees....

It's Italy so this tree must be on the garden list!

Maybe I will be lucky enough to find a villa with a few very old olive trees in the garden.

 I don't actually like olives. 
I can handle them on a pizza but to pick one up and put it my thanks.
What I do like is the look of the trees young or old

 the silver foliage of the leaves, the green and aubergine color of the olives,

 the beautiful visual effect of rows and rows of trees

 or even just an avenue of olive trees.

But what I especially like about them is the flexibility of the branches. 
When it's time to prune them I will tagging along behind, collecting all the branches so that I can make beautiful wreaths for Christmas.

And when that day comes, when I'm sitting in the sun under a grape vine pergola, with a glass of red, some local cheese and a crust of fresh baked bread, twisting my olive trees branches into wreaths, I will make the first one for me and feel like an emperor for a day.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Valentina, your pictures are beautiful.

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