What do you collect? I collect balls......

I remember that I once told a friend that I collect balls. She looked at me and said, "are they attached?"
I stared at her, laughed and said "no they are not!"

These are the balls I collect.

I started of with the black and white chequered one in the background. As with most collections once you start they can get out of hand pretty quickly.

I have limited myself to this large brown bowl which is now full. 
To be honest it was full about 4 balls ago and there are a few that are just balancing there, defying gravity. When the front door closes they fall onto the coffee table and roll around but I quickly put them back in place before anyone knows I'm obsessed and gone over the limit.

Now I know that if I see a new ball that I like, I have to sacrifice one I already have to make it fit in the bowl.
It will have to be pretty special.

So it's pretty obvious that yes, I'm keeping my balls and they will be coming to Italy with me.

Unfortunately the bowl will be too heavy to pack, will probably break, will not match the new decor, etc, excuse, etc, excuse....

This means that I will have to buy my balls a new bowl that I know will be bigger, as I have heard that all the small bowls in Italy have sold out.

So with that in mind, one of these Italian Murano glass balls is on my wish list!

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