Kitchen-Black and white floor tiles

The only room in the house that I have a definite design idea for is the kitchen. I want black and white check floor tiles.
They are elegant and beautiful, yet very homely.
When I was about 6 years old I remember these tiles in our home. But then the 1970s arrived and they were ripped up to make way for brown lino.

In my villa they will live again!


Sab said...

I LOVE this!! Black and white floors are beautiful, so traditional, but classy and elegant. Good luck with your Italy plan! :-)

Nat said...

HI, love the black and white floors!!! I don't know how to subscribe to your blog but can you e-mail me at what kind of floor you used? Tile, marble etc? and what kind. I LOVE IT!!!
thanks for the great read, Nat

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