Designer labels in a small country town.....

As I have mentioned before my parents live in a small country town, which is actually my home town. 
Well, the home town I grew up in as a child and teenager.

Beauty and I are spending a few days visiting my parents and of course the first thing we do when we wake up this morning is go thrift store shopping!
(Beauty and I are thrift store demons in Melbourne. We know where all the good stores are hiding and the quickest way to get there by taking all the back side streets.)

We visited the three main thrift stores that we always visit with my mum and Beauty I found designer treasures at each one.

(I will show you my other treasures I found for the house in the next post)

 ESCADA cream suede loafers in my size, still in the box with an original $550.00 price tag.

BURBERRY nova check monogram over night case

Vintage YVES SAINT LAURENT soft black leather hand bag with monogram silver catch

3 great items that will all be included in The Collection and of course, in the shipping container for Italy.

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