Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, where did you go?.........

I read ALOT!

One of my favorite series is the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris or as it has become known the Sookie Stackhouse series. 
Most people who have followed the saga of Sookie, Bill and Eric also watch the TV adaption of the series called TRUE BLOOD which is great.

I like the Sookie character in the books. I love how she adapts and ploughs straight through any and every challenge she faces.
What I hate is what her creator Charlaine Harris has done to her and all the other characters in book 10 and now the latest book 11 called Dead Reckoning.

Book 10 was disappointing. Lazy writing, boring dialog and inconsistent plot. I said that was it, I was done!
It was so borrriiinnngggg. 
But a year later the next book comes out and after all it's a series so you want to know what happens, so I conveniently forgot the yawn session of the last book and purchased book 11.

The holes in the plot were so big I could have driven a semi trailer truck through them. Some of the story line did not even make sense. Charlaine Harris seems to have forgotten her own story time line from books 4,5,6 and 7 because she contradicted herself over and over again.

I must admit when I was finished I closed the book, looked at the front cover, picked up the book and threw it at the wall uttering the words "what a load of shit".

It's a sad day in hell when an author disrespects her readers by churning out two sub standard books for the money it brings her.

Charlaine Harris has said that the next book will be the last Sookie Stackhouse book in the series.

Don't bother writing the next book Mz Harris, you've drained the life out of your characters already.

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Anonymous said...

There is actually two books left in the sookie series, this years and next years, not looking forward to them at all given the substandard writing of books 10 and 11

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