Vintage button cards...

I have been unpacking boxes again and making the usual keep and sell piles.
The last box was full of craft items. Including beautiful vintage buttons, thimbles, beads, ribbon, lace and lots of other sewing box collectibles.
I have decided to sell all these items on the artist site ETSY instead of EBAY.
This means I have to up my game a bit as ETSY members take just a bit more care with presentation and wrapping than plain old EBAY sellers do.
I thought that I would make my own cards to attach the vintage buttons, buckles, beads and lace etc. to, so that my presentation would be a bit more professional and attractive.
I have always loved old button cards and I would like to adapt their simple yet appealing idea for my own cards.
Maybe I'll find inspiration in the ones below.
Once I have completed my design I will show it to you.

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